Zura Card Game by Agie Games

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– 60 travel cards
– 35 Tzerzurian cards
– 4 reference cards
– 2 to 4 players
– 8 + years
- Company: Agie Games

– Rule Sheets in 6 languages (English, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish)

In this game, players play out as many travel cards of the same type as they can. Playing many travel cards means that they are searching harder for the Tzerzurians. So the more travel cards the players do play, the better the chances of finding useful characters. Once a player finds a matching character, they claim it and from now on, that character will assist that player with a powerful ability that helps them find other Tzerzurians even faster.

Whenever a new character is found, that new one goes on top of the previous one, and in this way, they replace the previous power with the new one. This way, each turn is exciting and new as players re-think the way they want to play out their cards, to best take advantage of the powerful Tzerzurians! Great fun for family and friends.