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Scythe board game is set in an alternate 1920s following the great war, where giant armored mechs walk the dark snowy landscape.

In this post-war world, the capitalistic city-state was known as “The Factory”, has inexplicably closed its doors, creating a power vacuum.

In the Scythe board game, you play one of five factions who are attempting to exploit this and claim a stake in the land around the mysterious Factory.

You win Scythe by conquering territory, enlist new recruits, reap resources, gain villagers, build structures, and activate monstrous armored mechs.
You each begin the game with different resources, starting locations, and secret objectives.

Scythe board game gives you almost complete control over your fortunes.  Apart from the objective cards, the only other elements of luck are “encounter” cards that you will draw as you interact with the citizens of newly explored lands.

Even so, each encounter card provides you with several options, allowing you to choose how you play it. Combat is also driven by choices, not luck or randomness.
Scythe board game uses an efficient action-selection mechanism (no rounds or phases) to keep gameplay moving at a brisk pace so reduce player downtime. While there is plenty of direct conflict for players who seek it does not result in player elimination.

The game artwork is simply beautiful, and you’ll enjoy looking at this board game just as much as you will playing it.
1 Game Board
5 Dual-Layered Player Mats
5 Faction Mats
3 Rulebooks and Guides
2 Power Dials
31 Automa Cards
28 Encounter Cards
23 Objective Cards
42 Combat Cards
12 Factory Cards
25 Miniatures
80 Custom Wooden Resources
40 Custom Wooden Meeples
20 Custom Wooden Structures
50 Wooden Tech Cubes and Recruits
30 Custom Wooden Stars
15 Custom Wooden Player Tokens
80 Cardboard Coins
6 Structure Bonus Tiles

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