Robinson Crusoe: Adventure On The Cursed Island

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In Robinson Crusoe, Adventures on the Cursed Island board game, you find yourselves marooned on a strange Island.

You play one of four different characters from the ship’s passengers and crew. A cook, a carpenter, an explorer, and a soldier. You will use their different skills and experiences to survive after the shipwreck.

On the island you will need to build yourselves a new home. Then you and your companions will have to find food and fresh water to survive.

After this you may want to improve your makeshift dwelling. You could decide to start with the roof. This would to protect yourselves from the unpredictable weather. Or construct a defensive wall around it to give you more piece of mind.

You can improve your food situation too by domesticating the Islands animals. You could make tools or even weapons. You will need things like sacks, axes, and knives to survive. But also to take advantage of the resources around you.

These items will become important as you explore the island. They will also help you defend yourselves against the wild beasts that lie in wait for you in the jungle. Other dangers and mysteries await you on the island too.

Will you uncover pirate treasure or an abandoned native village? Could you discover a hidden underground city? Or even the temple which holds the islands terrible curse?

These questions and many more will be answered in hundreds of event, object, and other game cards. They will help you uncover the islands mysteries.

In Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island board game, the adventure is different every time you play. There are six different and engaging scenarios to follow.

You could be searching for treasures or uncovering the Islands mysteries. Or even rescuing a young lady marooned on a rock island?

Start the adventure by collecting wood to make fire to call for help and dry yourself off.

Then let the adventure begin!

Box Contains

90 Adventure,

73 Event Cards,

52 Mystery Cards,

12 Special Dice,

7 Scenarios,

1 Rule Booklet,

Lots of Wooden Planks,

Equipment Cards,



Island tiles,

Character Cards and much, much more!




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