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The SILVER SERIES are designed to provide an affordable painting experience to the amateur and pros alike.

They are crafted with a high-quality wooden handle and a tip of natural Kolinsky hair.

Only Kolinsky hairs has been used in the production of the Silver SERIES, producing a paintbrush with bristles of great quality at a reasonable price.

They work best with water-based acrylic paints, especially with techniques such as glazes, blending, and layering. So are recommended for techniques which use diluted mediums.

The fine hair ensures a high absorption of water and paint so giving excellent elasticity, making it a pleasant brush to work with.


Kolinsky brushes not recommended for oil paint, as the solvent required to clean the bristles after painting can deteriorate the Kolinsky natural hair quickly.

Single stroke or dry brushing are not recommended techniques with this type of brush.

Good maintenance of these brushes will ensure their long life and use.

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Kolinsky Magic

As usual the service is amazing! Delivery was bang on time and both Kolinsky brushes arrived amazingly packed. Absolutely no fear of damage in transit.