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Synthetic bristles are like the natural hair bristles but are more suitable for techniques which require a less watered down medium, like dry brushing.

They are great for single stroke techniques where you must move large volumes of undiluted paint. Or generally were the technique requires charging minimally diluted paints as the synthetic bristles absorb less water.

These are ideal for use with oils or enamels either as wash or direct application of the paints.

For techniques such as washing, glazes, blending, layering we suggest using our natural hairbrushes.

Compared with natural hairbrushes, synthetic hairbrushes require less maintenance to maintain the shape of the tips.

It is recommended to shape the bristles into a sharp point after use by usinf brush soap and avoid leaving paint residue dry between the bristles or the base of the brush. After painting, leave them standing up to avoid deforming the tips.

Good maintenance of these brushes will ensure their longevity.

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Joseph Doyle
Fantastic brushes

I've been using brushes from different manufacturers for years and these Green Stuff World brushes beat the competition with their quality and pricing. Excellently packaged and quick delivery, I know where I'm ordering brushes from now on!