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Green Stuff World offers a new way for modellers to create water effects with UV Resin - Water Effect.

This one-step gel has crystal transparency and can be applied straight from the bottle onto your diorama or miniature base to create beautiful replicas of the sea, rivers, lakes, ponds, or puddles.

It has a multitude of advantages over other traditional ways of creating water effects:

Ultrafast drying time.

This product can be cured with a UV Torch to dry in 2-4 minutes.

On a sunny day, the gel has a drying time of 5-10 minutes naturally.

On a cloudy day, 20-40 minutes.

Can be coloured.

The UV Resin can be mixed with inks to dye the gel with only a few drops, allowing to create different types of water, such as bogged swamps or radioactive lakes!

Doesn't shrink.

The UV Resin doesn't shrink like other water replicating materials. The quantity of resin used is the quantity of resin you get when fully dried.

Multilayer friendly.

In case you want to create the effect of submerging something in water, multiple layers can be placed on top of each other without leaving layer marks.

Can be cut, polished and worked easily.

The resin is easy to manipulate and can be shaped and carved however you want!

Low smell and toxicity compared to more traditional methods.

Contains: 100ml

UV resin warnings

- Environmental conditions can affect the properties of the material

- Use in a dry, ventilated place and at a temperature between 18 ° C and 25 ° C is recommended.

Extreme cold and heat can damage the material.

- Use under inadequate conditions, inadequate exposure to UV light or insufficient UV light output can result in the surface feeling tacky after curing. In this case, we recommend applying more UV light or gloss varnish.

- We recommend consuming the product within 10 months. The shelf life of the product may decrease after opening depending on the state of preservation, exposure to UV light and low temperatures.

- When the resin is in its non-solid state you can use a heat gun or a kitchen lighter to heat the resin and force out any air bubbles that may have gotten caught in it.

- Keep in mind that the resin will remain in its gel state indefinitely until a source of natural light or ultraviolet light encounters it.

- Do not expose the inside of the bottle to natural light, otherwise the gel could start a reaction and crystallize.

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