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Codenames Pictures is the follow up to the bestselling game Codenames. It uses a similar game mechanic to the original game, however there are a few differences:

  • Instead of words the cards boast beautifully drawn pictures.
  • The grid is now 5 x 4 as opposed to the 5 x 5 grid found in the original game.
  • The rules for valid clues are simpler.
  • Each agent now has their own individual image underlining the spy theme.

What are these strange symbols on the map?

They are code for locations where spies must contact secret agents!

Two rival Spymasters know the location of all Agents, Innocent Bystanders and an Assassin on a map. Each Spymaster must communicate the locations of their own team’s Agents to the Field Operatives in their respective teams, so that covert meetings can be held! To do this, each Spymaster sends a coded message to their Field Operatives. The Field Operatives must decode the message correctly and find the Agents, but they may be ambushed by an Agent from the rival team or by the Assassin!

Both teams are in a race to be the first to contact all their agents. Only one team can win!

Spymasters take turns giving one-word clues.

The word relates to one or more pictures on the table. The field operatives try to guess which pictures their spymaster meant.

Giving the clue

If you are the spymaster, your job is to think up a clue that relates to some of the pictures your team is trying to guess. Your clue consists of one word that relates to those pictures and one number that tells how many of your pictures relate to that word.


A good clue for these two pictures might be 'Evolution: 2'. You are allowed to give a clue for only one picture (Kangaroo: 1) but it is fun to try for two or more. Getting four pictures with one clue is a big accomplishment.

Making a decision!

Once the field operatives have discussed, they make their guess by touching one or more of the pictures. The spymaster will then reveal who is in that location by placing a card over the picture.


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