Cities of Splendor Card Game (Splendor Expansion)

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cities of splendor components

In Cities of Splendor, you return to the fascinating world of precious gem mining and merchants with four different expansions that can be added to the Splendor base game.

In the Cities module, you replace the Nobles with three City tiles. They represent objectives in prestige points or development cards. You must fulfil one of them to win the game.

The Trading Posts are special bonuses you earn by claiming Development cards. You can get extra points for taking Noble tiles, or collect extra Gems when you take two identical Gem tokens, and more.

cities of splendor components

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The Orient module adds a new deck of cards for each level of Development cards. They have special powers like doubling bonus cards or wild cards taking on the colour of a Development card you already have.

The Strongholds module gives each player three towers. When you acquire a card, you can place a tower on a face up card. Now only you can gain that card. Once all three of your towers are on the same card, you can acquire it as a bonus after your other actions.

This is an expansion for Splendor. A copy of the base game is required to play.

30 minutes play time

2 to 4 players

ages 10 and up

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The base game (available separately) is required to play.

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