Bananagrams a tile word game

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Classic Bananagrams

It is a fun and easy to play word game! Bananagrams is all about speed. Players race against each other to build a word grid. You need to use up all your letter tiles before your opponents. This award-winning game doesn’t need a board, it comes in a small pouch so it’s easy for using while travelling or at home. It’s great for ages 7 and up.

Fast-Paced Word-Building Game!

There are no points in this game, it’s a word game where speed will crown the winner. Its a game for all the family, between 2-6 players.

Go wild with words in this race to use up all the tiles!

When any player uses all their letters, they shout 'peel!' and every player must take on a new tile – so all players need to rebuild their word grid!

Bananagrams is a great fun game for both adults and kids!