Modelling Paints, Tools & Materials

Modelling Paints, tools and materials are supplied in Ireland by We stock a wide variety of acrylic paints and oil paints as well as acrylic ink, oil paint, primers, wax paint and enamel paint. We also hold a wide variety of paint brushes in lots of sizes to suit your project. 

We sell a great range of airbrushes and airbrush cleaning materials. We have
lots of primers, varnishes, glues and thinners as well as a great stock of
palettes. has a lot of weathering effects, pigment powders, washes and weathering pencils. We also have a range of scale model kits, busts and figurines for your collection.

We stock scenic and terrain like grass blossom and shrub tufts from Green Stuff World. We have lots of scale modelling materials like bases, clay and putties also from Green Stuff World.