Why Watch Paint Dry?

Living in Ireland I find the warm weather (but more often the central heating!!) dries out my acrylic paints too quickly. This often means I need to rush my painting simply because I’ve mixed a particular colour and don’t want to waste it.

But there are a couple of ways you can get around this which I’ve found work very well. Either by using a wet palette or acrylic paint retarder.

The benefit of a wet palette, apart from extending the working life of my paint, is in mixing different tones which last. I get a week's working time with them. This is useful if I want to dip in and out of painting a unit or single model. It also allows me to go back to colour if I make a mistake and need to touch something up.

Acrylic paint retarder has the added benefit of being useable with a brush or airbrush. It slows the paint's own drying process and gives you more time to manipulate the paint. This is particularly useful if you’re doing wet blending where you’re mixing on the model.

So, which is best? … Both give you control over your painting. But for me, a wet palette is an everyday tool, whereas a retarder is a great tool when you need it.

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