Virtual Dixit Quest

Bring out your inner storyteller with the Neverboard Dixit Quest. Let your imagination flow.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Are you a storyteller? Are you able to read your friend’s cards? Let your imagination flow and get creative with Neverboard’s Dixit Quest!


Guess which picture matches the clue and you will be well on your way. Dixit is an enchanting game that summons your imagination, and this is your chance to play it online at!!
Will you be the one with the highest score?
This award-winning game is easy to learn and play and is perfect fun with the whole family.
Have you played the Dixit board game before? If not, this is a great taster for you.

Here is what you need to know

  • On Thursday, 3rd March at 4pm, we posted the first clue on the Dixit page! You can play all weekend until Monday 7th at 12pm.
  • From there, you must solve a series of clues that will be placed on the Dixit Expansion Pages
  • Each page will have four Dixit cards and a clue, you need to choose which card you think the clue matches.
  • Take a note of your choice and submit your answers on the last page – Dixit Mirrors
  • The person with the highest score wins, in an event of a tied score the winner will be chosen by a draw. There will also be a prize for 3 runners up and one random prize.
  • This is suitable for all ages,

What you will need

  • A pen and paper to keep track of your answers
  • Your Imagination! 😉

And here are the prizes!

  • 1st place – Dixit & 1 Expansion or 3 Dixit Expansions of your choice
  • 2nd - 2 Dixit Expansions
  • 3rd - 1 Dixit Expansion
  • We will also pick another winner of a €25 voucher for at random by putting all entries names into a draw.

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