The Neverboard Murder Mystery BEGINS !!!

Welcome to our very first Neverboard Murder Mystery!

Put your detective skills to the test & navigate your way across our site, searching for clues to catch the killer!


Here is what you need to know:


The Prizes:

1st prize - €100 Voucher for

2nd, 3rd & 4th Prize - €25 Voucher for (each)

Random Prize - There will also be one lucky winner of a €25 Voucher for picked at random so even if you don't finish first, you still have a chance to win!! 


The Setting/Theme:

Our crime takes place here on the site where Neverboard’s Most Wanted is hiding inside games, leaving clues at each game.


The Characters:

Victim - Bob (the Neverboard Assassin) 


Suspects are the family of Neverboard Characters - Joan of Arc, General George Patton, Cleopatra VII Philopator, Vincent Van Gogh, Gandalf the Purple, Amelia Earhart and Napoleon Bonaparte

You (The detective)


The Clues:

Police Reports


Symbols written on the wall

Witness statements

Receipt for a booking

Riddles given by a stranger


Top Tips to help you:

  • The search bar on our Home Page is your new best friend - type your answers in and see what game matches your answer to find the next clue!
  • There are 10 clues, you must visit each clue to be able to solve the final piece to the puzzle. Each clue will be at the bottom of the page you are searching for.
  • At the final clue, there is a link for you to submit your conclusion as to who did it.


Clue no. 1

A murder was discovered and the victim was found to have been killed by a blunt object. Written on the wall above the victim’s body were the words Love Sweet Keres.

A police report given about the incident claimed that the suspect was seen fleeing the scene of the crime on the back of an elephant accompanied by a bearded lady and a clown.

Police have their suspicions as to where they may hide but have yet to confirm – Can you guess where they are hiding?