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Did you ever think about learning through play? A great way to do this is to try some easy fun games! You distract your child into learning while having lots of fun with you along the way. Why not try some new games! This blog shares with you the great game for spelling, focus and learning how to race against the clock: Bananagrams !

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If you can set up the game and explain how to play it at the same time you are off to a winner! The ticket to Ride board game Europe edition definitely falls into this category. There are only a few components and ways to gain points, which leads to winning or losing. Each player receives a set of trains. The object is to claim various train routes that criss-cross Europe and lead to points.

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The Codenames game is all about finding common themes among the cards. Then finding a single clue that describes them. It’s not as easy as it seems and a good spymaster will be the difference between winning and losing! The team’s ability to work out the connections between the codenames and the clues is important too. A winning team will know when to keep guessing and when to stop early. 

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