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Mysterium Park board game is very easy to learn. It’s quite a bit easier to get into than Mysterium for those of you who have played its predecessor. There are less rules, less setup and work for the ghost to do in this version of the game.
It takes very little time to get the game of Mysterium Park started. You just shuffle the different decks, lay out the nine cards on the board, and the ghost draws their seven vision cards. You’re up and running in a few minutes. You can explain the rules as you are setting up which I always love. Check out our blog to learn more about this great game.

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If you can set up the game and explain how to play it at the same time you are off to a winner! The ticket to Ride board game Europe edition definitely falls into this category. There are only a few components and ways to gain points, which leads to winning or losing. Each player receives a set of trains. The object is to claim various train routes that criss-cross Europe and lead to points.

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It has been 25 years since Settlers of Catan, now Catan Board Game transformed the board gaming world. Some of the reasons for its success are down to the rules being simple to explain. Also, the theme is not about waging war on other players. Instead, it is about settling the island of Catan and developing it.
There have been over 31 expansions, editions, and extensions created for the game. The best way to think about these is that expansions add new rules or game elements to the original Catan game. These create a new game experience yet keep most of the original game. So, these will need you to own the original Catan game to play. This blog looks at the best expansions to choose and why? 

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