Mysterium Park - Just six nights to solve a murder
If you like Cluedo and Dixit you will love Mysterium Park. It is a standalone follow-up game to the hit board game Mysterium. The game moves away from Mysterium’s haunted mansion to a 1950s fairground.
The players take the role of psychics trying to solve the details of a murder. The park’s former director disappeared a few years ago and so far there are no clues. As psychics you think that a ghost haunts the fairground giving you clues to solve the murder. 
Each round is a single night that the psychics spend trying to solve the mystery. There are only six nights to get to the truth before the fair leaves town.
This is a co-operative murder mystery game. The ghost and the psychics work together to solve the murder. Either you and up to five friends solve the case and all win. (The game is 2-6 players.) Or the case stays unsolved and the ghost stays stranded until your next game!
Setting up Mysterium Park Board Game
First you will need to choose who is going to be the ghost. It is up to this player to show the psychics which suspects and locations were not related to the murder. This will later help them figure out who the real murderer is. The other players are psychics trying to figure out what the ghost is trying to tell them to solve the murder.
To start the game lay down the board and put the round marker at the number one spot at the side of the board. Shuffle the suspect pile of cards and place them on each of the nine spaces on the board. You also have a pile of location cards, this is for the next round. You can shuffle them and leave them to the side of the board. The ghost should sit at one side of the board and the psychics should sit at the other side. 
The ghost shuffles the plot cards and chooses one for their stand. They take two more out of the pile for later rounds. You must keep these cards out of view of the other players. Next the ghost takes the pile of vision cards, shuffles them and takes seven from the pile. There are also three ticket tokens and a witness token which gets set to the side. Each physic gets an intuition pawn which is a crystal ball. They also get an innocence token in their chosen colour which they put in front of them. Then everyone is ready to play Mysterium Park Game. 
How to play Mysterium Park Board Game
In a game of Mysterium Park, it is the ghost’s job to narrow down suspects and potential murder locations to three of each. You then get only one chance to figure out which of the three murderer and location pairings is the correct one.
You play the game in three phases. The first phase focuses on the suspects. The ghost looks at their plot card which is a grid of the board. The colours matching the psychic’s target colours are on the plot card. These colours show innocent suspects on the board. The ghost chooses a psychic. Then they see what vision cards in their hand could match the innocent suspect on the board. They then hand these cards to that player and replace their cards from the vision card deck. They can only have seven cards at a time. This process goes on for each player. 
Each psychic looks at their vision cards and tries to figure out who the ghost may have been guiding them to. When they think they know they put their intuition pawn on that character. The psychics can work together and show each other their cards to try to figure out who the ghost is guiding them to. The ghost can listen in on these conversations but can’t talk or make any gestures which could give the game away. 
If you are the ghost and you don’t like any of the vision cards in your hands you can return them to the pile and pick new ones. This will cost you one of your three ticket tokens, so you can only do this three times during the game. Once all the psychics have put their intuition pawns on a suspect the ghost looks at their plot card. 
There is one spot on the board with the witness icon. If any of the psychics put their pawn here it must be sorted out first. The ghost says that a witness has been found and they remove that character from the game. They put the witness token in its place. The psychic who has their pawn in that space can now move it to any other space on the board. Other psychics can also move their pawns again if they doubt their original spot.
After all the psychics have made their guesses, the ghost tells everyone if they are correct or not. They do this by removing the suspect card. Then replacing the intuition pawn with the innocent token. The psychics put their vision cards back into the pile. If they didn’t guess correctly then they keep their vision cards. The suspect card stays on the board. If any psychics chose incorrectly, you start a new turn. The ghost now gives new vision cards to those who have not found the correct innocent suspects. 
The other players can work with this psychic to help them get it right. If this goes on for more than six rounds then you all lose. If you have found your innocent suspects before you go over six rounds then you go onto the second phase of the game. Before you do the ghost needs to discard any suspects relating to colours not being played. This should leave three suspect cards. They collect these for later because one of them is the murderer. 
The second phase of the Mysterium Park game is all about locations. The ghost deals out nine location cards onto the board. The round marker stays where it is. They choose one of their two remaining plot cards to add to their stand. This plays like the first round except the players are trying to eliminate locations. If they cannot find the locations assigned to them by the end of the sixth round then they all lose. But if they have identified the locations before this then they move on to the third and final phase of the game. Just like with the suspects the ghost will have three locations left on the board at the end of the second phase.
By the third phase the psychics have identified three possible suspects. They also have three possible locations for the murder. The ghost lays down the suspects on the board and below them the locations. The top line has three Roman numerals showing on it. The ghost now picks their final plot card, this time they only look at the Roman numeral showing at the top. This matches one of the suspects and location pairings on the board. This is the murderer and the location which the psychics now need to find together. 
Regardless of where the round marker is, they only have one chance to get it right! Its now the ghosts job to give them one final vision from their cards. They can only use two cards. One for the location and one for the suspect. To add to the suspense they can’t say which is for which. It is up to all the psychics to agree on the location and the suspect. If they can’t agree then they can vote to make the decision. If they guess correctly they all win. If they make the wrong guess based on the two cards then the ghost will haunt them for all eternity….. or at least until the next game!
Our Verdict
Mysterium Park board game is very easy to learn. It’s quite a bit easier to get into than Mysterium for those of you who have played its predecessor. There are less rules, less setup and work for the ghost to do in this version of the game.
It takes very little time to get the game of Mysterium Park started. You just shuffle the different decks, lay out the nine cards on the board, and the ghost draws their seven vision cards. You’re up and running in a few minutes. You can explain the rules as you are setting up which I always love.
The artwork in Mysterium Park game is fantastic. The style of the vision cards are packed full of details. This makes it easy to make connections to suspects and locations. Sometimes there are so many details it can take the ghost a little time to figure out how to use the vision cards.
If you have already played Mysterium and liked it then I definitely recommend checking out Mysterium Park. If you thought the original was too long but liked all the other things about it, then Mysterium Park is still for you. 
It sounds like a very simple game to play but with so many little details on the cards it keeps you on your toes. Mysterium Park is a great game for both gaming veterans and complete beginners.
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