Millers Hollow – Where Werewolves roam!
I was first introduced to this game years ago when a friend brought it over for a party. We had 10 kids between us aging from 11 to 16 years old and were wondering what to do once the weather closed in. It took me a while to get into it as I got to know the characters and what they could and couldn’t do. The kids absolutely loved it and took great energy in being werewolves or voting someone out of the game. The storyteller definitely sets the atmosphere of the game. We have since played it lots, we try to play it by candle light for some extra spookiness! The idea of the game is that the small town of Millers Hollow has become infested with werewolves. The townsfolk must do all they can to get rid of them before they get devoured themselves. Each night the werewolves come and kill one person. Each morning the players get to vote on who might be a werewolf and vote them out of the game.
The goal if you are the townsfolk is to discover who the werewolves are. Then you persuade all the other players to vote them out of the game. Beware if you cause too much of a stir you might get voted out yourself! The goal if you are a werewolf is by night to devour one of the townsfolk. Then by day you have to try to behave like one of the townsfolk so you don’t get lynched!
Once you decide on the storyteller the first thing that happens in the game is the election of the Sheriff. (More about them later) This happens by the players voting before the first night. Following the election the storyteller deals out the cards. You do this face down so no one can see who each player gets as a character. Everyone takes a sneak peek at their card and you place it down in front of yourself. Once the storyteller deals the cards and the Sheriff is elected. It is time for the storyteller to tell everyone that night has fallen and the werewolves are coming…..
The Werewolves of Millers Hollow Characters
The Werewolves
The werewolves are our main villains. If you are a werewolf you get to see the other werewolves during the first night. You devour one of the townsfolk every night. Every day you vote and try to conceal your identity from the townsfolk. You can have one to four werewolves depending on the number of players. We like to play with at least two werewolves as they can conspire together against everyone else.
The Townsfolk
An “innocent” villager or townsfolk sleep through the whole night. If you get this card you have no powers or abilities other than to vote during the voting time. You have the chance to watch out for who might be acting oddly and might be a werewolf. 
The Sheriff
If you are elected Sheriff you are a powerful character. Your opinion counts twice in all following votes. If you die, then you get to choose your successor. This is where we have seen friends or family can take sides and electing their own crowd! There can be no more than one Sheriff at a time. 
The Thief
During the first night, before anything else happens, if you are the thief the storyteller shows you two undistributed cards. If both cards are werewolves, you have to exchange your card and become a werewolf. Otherwise, you can choose to exchange your card with one of those shown, or stay a thief. This means you are like any other townsfolk.
The Cupid / The Lovers
Cupid is the town matchmaker! During the first night, if you are Cupid you choose two players to become lovers and then go back to sleep. We have seen some funny matches made by Cupid often to the embarrassment of the teenage players. So if one lover dies, so does the other. If you are Cupid you can also choose yourself to be one of the lovers. The lovers need to protect each other at all costs even if one of you is a werewolf. 
The Fortune Teller
Every night, the fortune teller wakes up before the werewolves. You ask the storyteller to show you another player’s card. So you get to see the true personality of one player. The job of the fortune teller during the voting is to help the townsfolk figure out who are the werewolves. You can often find yourself being a target for the werewolves. So make sure you are careful in your advice to the townsfolk. 
The Little Girl
Every night, you wake up at the same time as the werewolves. Your goal is to see without being seen, usually by keeping your eyes half-open. You can spy on the werewolves when they are awake. You can’t fully open your eyes and pretend to be a werewolf though. When the werewolves go back to sleep, you do too. The werewolves will be watching out for you. If they discover you, you will immediately die of fright!
The Hunter
It does not make any difference if you are devoured by werewolves or lynched by the townsfolk. When the Hunter dies, you can choose another player to shoot. You will be on the lookout for a werewolf to kill to bring them down with you. Sometimes you might end up taking one of the townsfolk with you. 
The Witch
The Witch is very powerful as you can change the fate of one of the townsfolk who has been killed. Every night, you wake up after the werewolves. You have two potions, one to heal and one to kill. You can use each only once in the whole game. The storyteller shows you who was just attacked by the werewolves. You can use your potions on any player, including yourself. We have found that the witch’s potions are best used towards the end of the game, if you survive that long!
So with all these characters there is lots of scope for insights into who the werewolves might be. You can discover characters and sometimes heal them. Characters like the lovers go against the grain and might have to shield a werewolf from being killed. Each game is different and brings up some lively debate about who to vote out.
Winning the Game
Scoring this game is easy, the werewolves win if they devour all the townsfolk. The townsfolk win if they kill the werewolves first. And the lovers win if they are the last two remaining whether or not one of them is a werewolf.
There are some great expansions for this game to add characters and make it more exciting. There is the New Moon expansion, the Village Expansion and the Characters expansion. If you want it all in one go, there is The Werewolves of Millers Hollow The Pact! This gathers The Werewolves of Millers Hollow cards for New Moon, Characters and the Village altogether in the same box. This has 34 different characters. 
Our Verdict
The Werewolves of Millers Hollow card game is great for a big party as it’s for between 8-20 players. We find it great with teenagers who can get into the characters easily. The storyteller can really add to the atmosphere of the game and bring it to a spooky level. Great for round a campfire or a trip as there is no big board or set up time. This game can be played anywhere and can be highly addictive. I’ve had our teenagers wanting game after game with their friends when we have had a big get together. I look forward to the day we can have big party nights again!
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