Life After Monopoly

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Life After Monopoly

If you want a change from Monopoly or a game of charades at Christmas time, there are lots of modern classic games to choose from. We started playing a whole host of new games at Christmas, they are fun for all the family. It’s great when the kids need a break from Santa’s gifts or for the teenagers to remove themselves from their screens. A special Christmas game makes family memories which last a lifetime. Nowadays your favourite games have expansions so you can add a new dimension to the game each year. Here are our recommendations for some family fun this Christmas:

Ticket to Ride

The Ticket to Ride board game was originally based on joining cities by train in the USA. But we like the Ticket to Ride European version as it crosses lots of countries in Europe. I love games which are easy to explain. If you can set up the game and explain how to play it at the same time you are off to a winner! The ticket to Ride board game Europe edition definitely falls into this category. There are only a few components and ways to gain points, which leads to winning or losing. Each player receives a set of trains. The object is to claim various train routes that criss-cross Europe and lead to points. You need to claim the routes before others get yours and block your way. It’s a fun family game especially for those family members who enjoy a little bit of rivalry!


Even though Catan came out over 25 years ago it’s still as popular as ever due to its fun and easy-to-learn gameplay. The game is made for 3-4 players but you can also get a 5-6 player extension. Players arrive as settlers on the island of Catan. It’s rich with wood, stone, clay, wheat and sheep. You need to role a dice to harvest those resources then making trades with your rivals. Players develop their settlements into cities while building roads. Each settlement is worth 1 victory point and each city is worth 2 victory points. If you expand cleverly, you might be the first player to reach 10 victory points and then win the game!

If you enjoy the game already there are a wide range of expansions and spin-offs available for a new generation of fans to discover. This includes Seafarers, Cities & Knights, Traders and Barbarians. There is also Catan Junior for your kiddies as young as 5 to get into the game early!


Each player takes cards from a deck. Each card has an artistic picture on it, there is lots going on in each picture. During each round there is a storyteller and they choose a card from their deck. They describe it as a short story, phrase, song, mime or any other way they can think of to describe the card. The other players need to make guesses to see which card matches the description. This isn’t as easy as it seems at first as lots of cards will have elements of the story. With the Dixit game everyone is involved all the time.  Whether it’s voting, deciding on which card to play or telling a story or description to gain votes.

Do you have a storyteller in the house? Are you able to read your friends at cards? Or do you just like a game which is fun and easy to play then Dixit is a game to try! If you already enjoy Dixit and fancy a change this Christmas, there are lots of expansions to choose from which have new cards to explore. This includes Memories, Harmonies, Daydreams and Quest.


I like games which are based on searching or mining for resources so I thought Splendor card game would be a good game to check out! Splendor is a quick 30 minute game that is great for two to four players. Players play to win the most points. They take on the roles of merchants working to turn raw gems into precious jewels earning the attention of wealthy nobles. The object of the game is to pick up tokens that help you buy development cards. These development cards then help attract nobles and buy better development cards that give you prestige points. You need to have fifteen points or more to win the game. If you already have the game you can get the Cities of Splendor Expansions


Do you like a game of snap or memory? Dobble is like snap and memory all joined up into one game with a sprinkle of speedy competition thrown in. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. The Dobble game is such a simple idea but it really works. The Dobble game cards are round with eight symbols on each card. Each card in the deck has one of these symbols in common with every other card in the deck. You have to be the quickest to spot the matching symbol between your card and another one. Sounds simple! But it’s not always!

You are playing most games at speed with the added pressure of your granny getting more right than you! Sometimes you are left staring at the cards and are convinced there isn’t a symbol which is the same on both cards. Even when you can’t find the two matching symbols they are ALWAYS there. Once you find them you can’t believe you didn’t see them ages ago! There are lots of themed games like Frozen II, Paw Patrol, Minions and Animals to choose from. There is also Dobble 360 which is a mechanical hand that can be used with any of the themes for that extra speedy tension.


We hope you enjoy our recommendations for a great game night this Christmas. Wishing you lots of Christmas family fun making memories.