Dobble for double the fun!
Do you like a game of snap or memory? 
Dobble is like snap and memory all joined up into one game with a sprinkle of speedy competition thrown in. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. The Dobble game is such a simple idea but it really works. 
The game of Dobble is a card game where you have fifty five cards in the deck. The Dobble game cards are round with eight symbols on each card. Each card in the deck has one of these symbols in common with every other card in the deck. Don’t ask me how to calculate this but I’m sure there is a long maths equation to explain it. You have to be the quickest to spot the matching symbol between your card and another one. Sounds simple! But it’s not always! 
You have the same symbols on two cards and somehow your brain does not pick up which symbols match. Sometimes it’s because they are a different size or place on the card. It is not as easy as you would think it is to match the symbols. Also you are playing most games at speed with the added pressure of your granny getting more right than you! Sometimes you are left staring at the cards, you are convinced there isn’t a symbol which is the same on both cards. Your brain and your eyes somehow stop communicating when the competition starts. Even when you can’t find the two matching symbols they are ALWAYS there. Once you find them you can’t believe you didn’t see them ages ago! 
One of the great things about the Dobble card game is that you get five games in one. There are five mini games which come in the Dobble game rules; The Towering Inferno, The Well, The Hot Potato, Gotta Catch Them all and the Poison Gift. You can have a winner for each game or see who gets the most of the five games. Some people have their favourites which they play over and over again. 
How to Play the Dobble card games 
Of the five games my favourite is the Towering Inferno. This is where all the players flip over their cards at the same time. You look at them to find the one symbol that matches between your card and the card at the top of the deck. There is only one which will match. When a player spots the symbol is on their card and the card on the top of the deck, they shout out its name. The first player to do this takes the card from the deck, which becomes their new card to match. You then reveal the next card in the deck and play begins again. This repeats until all the cards in the deck have been won. 
The other versions are all about matching the symbols too. Another one, called The Well has all cards in the deck except one dealt face down evenly among the players. There is one remaining card and you place that face up in the middle where everyone can see it. Players then flip over their top cards and find the symbol which matches the one in the middle. Whoever shouts out their matching symbol first puts their card onto the deck. This replaces the card in the middle. Then play continues with the new card on top of the deck. The winner is the first player to get rid of all their cards. 
The other three ways to play included are The Hot Potato, The Poisoned Gift, and Gotta Catch Them All! The games involve either getting as many cards as possible or getting rid of your cards first. As well as the rules in the tin feel free to make up your own rules to make new fun games. The tin box which the cards come in is nice and small. It is easy to fit in your handbag or a rucksack so you can bring it on family trips. It’s great for a train or plane journey when we can do them again after the pandemic restrictions lift for us. 
You can play Dobble with anything from two to eight players. While it’s good for a two player game you have to be quicker in a larger group so it can make for a more raucous game. There are no words in the game which means it’s fabulous for all ages. It says from 6 years old on the box but younger players can easily join in. If they can recognize and say the names of the symbols on the cards, they can play. Sometimes they see the symbols quicker than adults. There are lots of Dobble game variations out there now. 
Dobble 360 has a mechanical hand which adds some speed and excitement to the game, it can be used with any version of Dobble. Dobble Animals focuses in on different types of animals. Disney Princess Edition has lots of characters from your favourite Disney Princess films for you to match. There is also Dobble Minions, Dobble Pixar, Dobble Frozen 2, Dobble Paw Patrol. You get the idea!! Great for taking out for parties.
Our Verdict
The game is fast paced fun for all the family and so simple to play. It puts your memory to the test as well as your reflexes and your observing skills. There is almost no set up time, just enough time to explain the simple rules. It’s a perfect game for family time especially for that long trip when you want to keep the kids or teenagers busy. Or its great for that large family get together. Something you need that will entertain everyone. 
Dobble Games

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