Dixit – A game to bring out the storyteller in you

Do you have a storyteller in the house? Are you able to read your friends at cards? Or do you just like a game which is fun and easy to play then Dixit is a game to try! I hate complicated games which take an age to master the rules and where your turn never seems to come around. Dixit the game is the complete opposite, every round is a chance to get ahead. With Dixit board game everyone is involved all the time. You can be voting, deciding on which card to play or telling a story or description to gain votes.


Starting to play the Dixit Board Game
The game is suitable for between 3-6 players. Each player takes six cards from a deck. Each card has an artistic picture on it, there is lots going on in each picture. During each round there is an active player called the storyteller. They choose a card from their deck and describe it. They could use a short story, phrase, song, mime or any other way they can think of to describe the card. 
Dixit The Game Rules – how to gain points
After the Storyteller has placed their card face down, everyone else gets a chance to add their own card. Each player should then choose the card to play from their hand. They are looking for the one which best describes what the Storyteller said. One of the players shuffles and reveals the cards. Each card has a number against it. This is where it gets interesting! Each player can now vote on which card they think belongs to the Storyteller. You vote by a numbered tile which is the same as your guess. This engages every player in every round which I love about the game!
The aim for the storyteller is that one or more of the players guess which card is their card. They score three points and so does the player who chooses the Storyteller’s card. But the Storyteller gets no points if nobody (or everybody) chooses their card. All the other players get two points if this happens. A player also gets a bonus point for every vote that someone put on their card (and no, you can’t vote for yourself). The goal for other players is to vote for the Storyteller’s card and to ensure that others vote for your card. You are trying to trick the other players by putting down a card that could be the Storyteller's. You each choose a new card with every round until the deck is used.
How to win at the Dixit Game 
One of the great things about Dixit the game is you get a chance to score points during every round. To win at the Dixit board game you want to gain the most points every round. You need to stay ahead of everyone else on points. That is not as easy as it sounds as you need to read the other players all the time. When you are the storyteller you have better control on your point scoring. You need to ensure your story or phrase is a little vague so at least one of the other players choose it. If it is too vague or too obvious then you could end the round with no points. A hint here is to give a clue to one of the other players which only you and they would guess it. Change it up every round so you choose a different player to aim your story or phrase on. Perhaps you know that your son loves music so you could use the lines of a song. Your daughter loves Shakespeare so you could try your hand at the line of a sonnet! Your friend is great at movie titles you could focus on them! The trick is to get at least one of them to guess your card. If they all guess it you lose the round and they all gain points!
When you are not the storyteller and it is your turn to play, choose the card which is most in line with the story.
If the other players choose your card you get points every time. You only have a handful to choose from so this part is (nearly always) easy! Like any game of cards you can always try your hand at bluffing. You can make comments on all the cards once the reveal happens so no one will guess which is yours. Act surprised by all the Dixit cards, this will put the other players off the scent of which is yours. Keep a close watch on the Storyteller, their reaction might reveal which card is theirs. Watch the other players too when it comes to card reveal time. They might make a subtle comment here or there which will call them out! You won’t get all your guesses right, but you if you get them right more often than others, you could be crowned the winner!
Party Time or Family Time
Dixit game is a great family or party game as it is so easy to learn and play. As there are no words in the Dixit cards so you can play the game with both young and older kids and adults. The strange art on the picture cards of Dixit is what makes the game fun. Each one is a painting with lots of stuff going on in it. Different people see and imagine different things from looking at it. You could give a clue that relates to a small detail in the picture. You could give a clue about the sort of feeling you get from the picture. You could say something that you think someone in the picture might say. You are only limited by your own imagination! A definite recommendation for those who want to play a game which is easy to learn and play.
There are also Dixit expansions if you want to get extra cards and quests!
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