Cards Against Humanity - Love it or Loath it?

Cards Against Humanity is a fun, and edgy card game which many find offensive and at the same time very funny, you can play the game with up to 20 players. You will either love or loathe this game. It will either appeal to your sense of humour or it won’t. This game wouldn’t be my cup of tea but I know friends of mine who just love Cards Against Humanity. They have also bought many expansions to build up their options for games. If you are looking for something for a party full of adults this is definitely one to try. Great for groups in party mode looking for a bit of hilarity.

How to Play:

The game rules are simple. There are a pile of black and white cards. Each person gets dealt out 10 cards from the white pile. The black pile gets put in the centre of the group. To start the game one of the players (you can decide on a crude or rude criteria for who the first player is) begins by picking up a black card and reading it out. This person is the judge. There will be a phrase on the card with either one or two “fill in the blanks” sections.

All the other players (except for the judge) picks their funniest White Card and puts them down on the table. The judge shuffles the card and its up to them to pick who they think played the funniest White Card to fill in the blanks. They then get the Black Card as a point. Whenever you decide to finish the game (you can make up this rule yourselves) the person with the most black cards wins. The rules are very flexible and you can combine them with your own house rules. You can use the suggested ones or you can make up your own.

WARNING: this game is not for the faint hearted or those easily offended. The packaging on the box says “A Party Game for Horrible People”. I’m not sure you have to be horrible to play it but you need to have a sense of humour, not be easily shocked and not be upset by rude and risqué content. You must also be over 17 years old!! (although there is a family edition from age 8+)

Most people however don’t play this game to win it, they just want the fun of playing. Although there is a bit of comedy kudos attached to winning. 

If you are after a win however, judging the judge is the key! The better you know your opponents the better you are at figuring out what they will find funny. Do they have a childish sense of humour where they will love toilet humour. Do they love sexual innuendo? Do they like pure rudeness? The more you can read into their likes and dislikes the more you can try to have your cards play into what they like. Sometimes you won’t know who you are playing against. In this instance you can figure out in the early rounds what they tend to find funny and then direct your answers leaning towards their preferences.

To see a pretty tame version of the game being played check out this clip from the Ellen Show with Ellen DeGeneres

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